1-What is a Data Centre? 2- Why is it in Switzerland? 3- Comunica.SA Data Centre 4- Services that we offer

1. The Data Centre is the technological core of any business, as it ensures 24/7 proper functioning of all processes, communications and services supporting business activities.
In fact, the data centre, also known as Data Processing Centre and Server Farm hosts all the equipment needed to manage the business Information System. Business Efficiency is driven by its data centreand indeed through it large amounts of processes and volumes of data that are vital for the operational business survival and continuity, are transferred.

2. The “Data Center Risk Index 2016” analyses and ranks the greater and the lower main risk factors that may affect a data centre full operation in 30 countries worldwide by providing statistics on single country's activity based on summing up each item score that undermines data security.

Switzerland ranksfifth in world best ranking list.

In accordance with Resolution No 37 of 17 October 2001 [(Ordinary Supp No 250 of Italian Official Journal No. 275 of 26 November 2001)]Italy's Personal-Data Protection Authority, namely GDPR took note of the adequate level of protection guaranteed by Switzerland and authorised the transfer of personal data from Italy to the Swiss Confederation.

3. Comunica.SA Data Center is in via Motta 24 in Chiasso. The Data Centre resides on a building that is entirely autonomous with and independent power supply and internet connection. Connected by dual fibre optic ring it ensures maximum performance and reliability as well as stable and super resilient environments due to double (circuit) power lines and medium-voltage switch-pannels, redundant UPS systems, longer lasting diesel generators, fires detection and extinguishing systems, conditioning system.
All the critical elements of the network are redundant and the routers are all duplicated and reachable via two paths. The video surveillance system guarantees excellent levels of security. The infrastructure also hosts fiber optic interconnections (Backbone) to Italy at the MIX headquarters in Via Caldera, Milan, where over 240 national and international carriers are available. A second interconnection in optical fiber (Backbone) connects the DE-CIX in Frankfurt where Comunica has its own POP in the Equinix structure.



IT equipments are hold in rack cabinets with double power line and inner forced air conditioning as part of a quick accessible and totally redundant network. Customer does not need to take care of anything. He will leave us to get on the full business service management. Interconnections are available, also for a single project programme, with all major Telecommunications (TLC) Operators in Switzerland and abroad.


Your data are always safe and secure. The service systemis able to save, keep and provide a remote backup copy of business data by making it accessible in complete safety. It is possible to make simple copies of PC data as well as more complex backups of physical and virtual servers, databases and electronic mails systems.


Due to virtualisation technology both physical machinesand a large number of virtual servers are abstracted away and remotely hostedin order to optimize the use of hardware resources, reduce consumptions and streamline management.
In fact, due to virtual machines it is possible to control remotely servers in a quick and simple manner, as well as to achieve a considerable cost saving on purchasing and infrastructure maintenance.


Our experience and expertise allow us to respond to any disaster/emergency situation which ranges from power failures, cyber attacks, downtime to natural catastrophes, such as earthquakes and fires.
The Disaster Recovery Service is based upon replication in cloud environment of customers infrastructure and is capable of rapid system recovery/resetting and of protecting data and sensitive information in an effective way.


Business data protection..
Cyber attacks are more likely to occur every day. It is important to be aware and adopt protective cyber-security measures and be equipped with the appropriate monitoring systems which enable to prevent cyber attacks and learn about any possible attempts in real time.


You can have always access to available data via web, smartphone and tablet regardless of the platform used..
In fact, Comunica.SA offers a service which enables to get always at hand your media contents and/or your professional documents, to share them easily and immediately in complete safety and confidence.
Refresh your folders back and forth/from one place to the other, from one device to the other, from one user to the other. Share easily your data and avoid attaching them to e-mails.
By activating files encryption you will be the only one to access data stored in the cloud server.