Comunica.SA has always provided a consultancy service which is specialised in telephone saving. The optimisation of telephone costs (both landline and mobile) and therefore telephone saving are one of the buttonholes of our company.

In the course of time the lines and the subscriptions are not constantly supervised, so the bills end up being paid without any control. Besides, the complexity of the invoices themselves, make it difficult to understand the costs; in other situations, a technical inspection is needed, in order to verify, for instance, if there are unused or misconfigured lines to ensure full use.

A company's voice traffic can be a very substantial expense.

Comunica.SA provides consultancy service for the optimisation of telephone costs where the voice traffic is an essential and crucial means for business. We are able to specify more convenient telephone operators and tariff plans to each specific situation, as well as providing voice or VoIP solutions highly customised by means of a telephone bills in-depth analysis, both for the fixed costs and the call costs.