Comunica.SA was established in 2013 because of the expertise of professionals with an international background operating in several areas of information and telecommunication services.

Comunica.SA produces high-performance/speed devicesin telecommunications and security sectors. It develops special engineering projects, building high-tech Data Centres, operating in the telecommunications sector exchanging large volume of data and voice in the field of wholesale among international Telecoms.

Comunica.SA is a Swiss Service Provider certified as Autonomous System (AS) by RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens/European IP Networks)which operates on international level. The company was established in 2013 and based its core business on a Data Centre located in a strategic geographical location with the aim to operate both on a local and international levels due to the most important European optical fibre backbone cabling which connects its Data Centre to all European phone [/communication] operators and other 60 non-European countries.

Comunica.SA operates as voice traffic Wholesale Trader with over 450 bilateral contracts signed with the main phone [/communication] international operators, it exchanges with them millions of minutes of daily phone calls. Comunica.SA is a telephone operator/service provider currently operating in 5 continents with important relations in the exclusive network of Telecommunications Operators.

Next to the Wholesale activity carried out with International Telecoms, Comunica.SAalso appears as Telecommunications (TLC) Trading Operatorand offers a wide range of services from data centres, delivery, installation and covering for on-site and/or centralized telephone switchboards assistance, to supply and implementation of WIFI and surveillance networks. All services are build on the new IP technologies and offer customers a broad gamut of managing opportunities related to their telecommunications systems that mayeasily integrate with every private network.

Comunica.SA is an authorized reseller of proprietary platforms, such as Oracle, Cisco and Dell.
Moreover, it operates in partnership with its own partners to develop and implement in important and special open source projects.